Former CodeChef Intern, Taranpreet Singh on Weekends With Champions

An old friend of the Chef, a former intern with us, and a former admin on this very platform, Taranpreet Singh joins us for an hour-long conversation at Weekends With Champions this Sunday. A 6-star coder on CodeChef, an ICPC Asia West Finalist, and an incoming SDE at Google, Taranpreet, a Commerce student, started his career as a Chartered Accountant before making it big in the programming world. Join as we hear his inspiring story, Sunday 3 PM.


Who Should Watch This Session?

Weekends With Champions is for anybody who’s into competitive programming. If you’re a seasoned programmer yourself, you can watch a fellow champion talk about their journey, and if you’re an aspiring CP player, there’s a lot to learn from these sessions for you. Anybody who believes that competitive programming is one of the finest ways to build their base in Data Structures & Algorithms, and move farther ahead in their programming journey should join the session.

Join our YouTube channel to be a part of the conversations. We’ll be taking up questions live from the comments section and have them answered straight by our guest.


Eagerly waiting for this, this will be the 1st time I will be watching WWC, excited!!!