Free String algorithm course (beginner to advanced with practice problems)

This is going to be a complete video lecture series on String algorithms , covering concepts in details with implementation details and practice problems to make concepts clear and gain confidence.

List of lectures till now.

L00 : String algorithms Course Overview

L01 : Sliding Window algorithm part 1

L01.1 : Sliding Window algorithm part 2

L02 : Introduction to string hashing

L03 : Polynomial Rolling Hash

L04 : Substring Hash in O(1)

Practice Problem 01 : Needle in haystack (Spoj) using hashing

L05 : Rabin-Karp String matching algorithm

L06 : Knuth-Morris-Prat String matching algorithm

L07 : Knuth-Morris-Prat String matching algorithm Part 2

Practice Problem 02 : Apply KMP (HackerEarth)

L08 : Z-function and its application

L09 : Why you should learn Trie?

L10 : Structure of Trie and how insertion & search woks?

L11 : Insertion & Search implementation of Trie

Practice Problem 03 : Word Queries (HackerEarth) Solution using Trie

I will be adding more lectures as well.
I am looking forward for your views , suggestions and requests for this course.

Thank you.