from where i can start, language python a to z

i am new at language , so many of my friends tell me to learn python , so my question is that from where i can start i want to learn everything about python from starting

Well, The best book for Python I have ever read is “Learning Python” by Mark Lutz.
Besides, You can follow Ana Bell’s Lecture from MIT. (search youtube )
Practice beside reading. That’s the best way.
Warning: Too long book (~1300 pages )

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Try to learn c++
it is better and advance and easy to learn language

For starting with python, w3schools and tutorialspoint are a good way to start.

w3schools :

tutorialspoint :

Try this well-organized, simple, and easy to understand tutorials about the Python programming language. It helps novice as well as skilled programmers to learn and explore more about the Python programming language. The entire course content is embedded with lots of examples…Python Tutorial