From where we get a Sliding Window Technique problem

Recently I learned Sliding window Technique. But for practice where should I go to get best resource for this technique

Here are some questions based on sliding window . Hope you find it useful

  1. Min Max Riddle | HackerRank
  2. Problem - 363B - Codeforces
  3. SHIVIGOD%E2%80%8B Problem - CodeChef (try to do using sliding window)
  4. BDGFT Problem - CodeChef
  5. ECAPR206 Problem - CodeChef
  6. Problem - 1341B - Codeforces
  7. SUMPOWER Problem - CodeChef
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go to geeks for geeks and apply filters.

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Youn can search sliding-window tag on CodeChef, Iā€™m pretty sure there are ample amount of questions on CodeChef. you can also use Leetcode though.

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Thanx for suggesting some good problem

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thanx buddy I got good problem at leetcode ā€¦

Thanks for suggestion