Fully solved problems showing "partially-solved"?

Hi! I am back to competitive and to CC after almost 3 years and a LOT has changed and feels good to be back! :slight_smile:
Just to regain the hang of coding I decided to not participate but to solve the Div2 problems which are given as practice in Div1.

I attempted all 3 and was able to solve completely(full score, all cases passing). However, on the contest homepage, it keeps indicating those as partially-solved with a yellow tick. They also appear under “Partially Solved” section on my account page :frowning:
One of the 2 pages is wrong - contest or my submissions and the account seems to be pulling info from that page!

alt text

Am I missing something here?

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This is known issue. And they are working on it. Even my profile shows the same.

Ref - https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/124513/regarding-the-new-rating-division-system/125860

Oh! Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s still not fixed…

Not fixed even now! I’ve the same issue with my profile.

Yeah . It happened to me today.

yes ,same happened to me today ,as well

same happen with me

yes, I’m also facing same issue

I am also having the same issue. The problems with subtasks shows partially correct

I am having same issue, still not resolved.

Apr 2022 and still getting this error. Wow. Well, it seemed that the system somehow corrected the problem and marked the problem fully solved but I already spent 15 mins trying to find the reason why. It’s sad.

same happened with me today. It passed all the test cases but showed a yellow tick (partially solved), but when i submitted it again, it showed me green tick (fully solved)

It’ll get updated in a while.