Future In Competitive coding

Hello, I am a first year student doing a B.Tech in computer science and I started competitive coding a couple of months ago. I now seem to have reached a wall, as in, in any contest, I am only able to solve upto 2 problems. Also the problems I do take a lot of time for me to solve. I think this is owing to my lack of knowledge of algorithms. Please guide me as to what I should do next?

Keep doing it! Shining in competitive programming is slow and hard. You can do it. All the best :slight_smile:


u know what u need ! why dont u google?


Hello @whybangad , I am also a first year who started CP a couple months ago :slight_smile:
Believe me the only thing which will push you forward is hard word and consistency.
I recommend you to go the practice section , sort the questions by accuracy and then start solving them all first.
Once you are comfortable with expressing your thoughts as code , you can then solely concentrate on DS,Algo :):):):slight_smile:

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Work your ass off!