FUZZYLIN (and other) : codechef long challenge video editorial

Difficulty : Easy-Medium


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audio issue :frowning::frowning::frowning:

thanks man , i don’t know how i missed that.

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apologies for the audio problem , I am working on it , soon it will be fixed.


Video has been updated and voice problem has been fixed.
Once again apologies for the problem.

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Yeah better check before uploading before from next time

of course i will man

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you should also write down prerequisites for the problems as well , so one may know whether he is ready or have to read something before proceeding with the video.

i would consider that in future posts , thanks for suggestion.

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Hey bro, may I have your mail ?

for a fraction of time i really thought you were an admin.
well it is codencode@gmail.com


No audio problems. No prerequisite problems. Your video editorials are just fantastic. Any shortcomings (I can see none) will be resolved as you post more and more videos.

One request (and a suggestion) - don’t lose the enthusiasm buddy! Post more and more editorials, so that we can all benefit!

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Thanks for the suggestion buddy , and since teaching is my passion , I hardly see me enthusiasm loosing even a bit.

That’s awesome, Waqar. Teaching is also the best way to learn!