Game: Find the non-cheater (And the prize goes toooooo... a cheater. Ironically)


So once I sent the reply to “Mr. Honest”, this post got deleted the next day. I went to check his profile, and surprise surprise, Mr. Honest is a regular in Discuss, which means that he can delete others’ posts freely.

Thanks to @cubefreak777 for restoring this post!

Hey guys!
I created a new game called “Find the non-cheater”.

The rules are simple:

  • Find a non-plagiarized submission in the first 3 pages of the submissions for KINGATCK
  • The language should be C++
  • You can use this submission for reference

Good luck!


This one is non-cheater i guess

Fancy hearing that from you

Why man. Just why?


You really kept your word. Nice work


No issues.

@aviral311 don’t misuse the privileges given to you otherwise, I’ll be forced to demote you to a lower rank.


What else can I say, you and @cubefreak777 are such great coders yourself, cheaters don’t affect your rankings. @crap_the_coder you are so good that you came in the Top 10 in CODERS.

But from my POV, Imagine this sceenario in a contest
Mediocre people like me take around 20-30 minutes to solve a Div-2 Problem A while you take only under 5 minutes. Meanwhile after 15 minutes the submissions and accuracy rate starts increasing exponentially and if I also just google the name of the problem, I’ll see that the solution has been uploaded by some YouTuber/Blogger etc. (eg. Now just to make my rank any useful I copy paste that code beacuse CodeChef doesn’t take any action against cheaters unless someone on the Discuss Forum looks at a suspicious profile and exposes it.

Regarding MOSS Check or any other anti-plagiarism check on CodeChef, I’ll tell the reality that there are none. I just recieved an email a few days back about the Rs.750 Amazon Voucher for first tiime Indians in top 200.

The situation right now is so bad that if you are not very exceptionally good that you can solve problems before they get leaked, you either have to plagiarise or see your rank go down by 100s and 1000s.

Please don’t troll me anymore, I’m already feeling quite ashamed of myself :pensive: and I’m quitting CP atleast for 36 months. I’ll only solve ZCO and INOI Practice problems on CodeChef. As it is in India, clearing ZCO/ZIO/INOI won’t guarantee your admission into an Indian college so it is of no use in the view of the general public.

On a side note, @crap_the_coder , if you are giving ZIO, I’d love to meet you and maybe learn something from you. You must’ve asked @socho to remove me from the UFDS Server, please add me back there as ZCO is just round the corner and I need those well designed awesome mock tests. :cry:


I can empathize with you.
C.O.D.E.R.S was just a lucky contest for me.
Every other contest, I’m just another CodeChef user like you.

It feels bad to be a decent coder, but not get the rank you deserve because of cheaters.

But what I don’t understand is, why do you value ranking/rating more than you value honesty?

After you cheat and gain rating, if the site decides to ban/penalize you, you’ll lose the rating you have, and it will leave a permanent mark in your profile, letting others know that you cheated.
No one will trust you, and no one will like you, but most importantly, you won’t like yourself.

Look no further than this sentence for proof.

You do realize that you are contributing to this by cheating? You’re just helping another person think that same thing, and go down the same path as you.

I’m only participating in ZCO. Also, sadly, I’m pretty sure our centers will be different.

The server has a strict no-cheating policy. I brought up the fact that you cheated, and the admins took the decision based on the rules which were made very clear. You had already been banned once, but you were pardoned. You should have used the chance given to you more wisely.

I have let the admins know about this post, and we are having a discussion on the best course of action. Please be patient.


From what I make out of this, your argument is that

  • Many people cheat, so you do too: I need you to run by this thought again in your head and realise how messed up it is.

  • CodeChef doesn’t do a good enough MOSS check, so you’re free to cheat: Just because you can work around some counter-measure, did it somehow imply to you that you’re allowed to cheat? And frankly, the entire narrative of how you’re feeling ashamed of yourself doesn’t really pair well with this argument. It seems more like you’re embarrassed to have been caught after working around the MOSS-checks previously, rather than realising how being dishonest was terrible.

  • cubefreak777 and crap_the_coder are great coders, so they remain unaffected by cheating: It looks like you already know how to deal with others cheating. Also, I don’t think anyone starts out as a ‘great coder’ in the first place. They put in the effort to learn and manage to not resort to cheating their way up. Why can’t you do that same?

As for the UFDS server, ‘Don’t cheat, or you will be removed from the program immediately’ has always been a rule. Having violated it multiple times, do you have a reason why we should let this offence slide? The admins couldn’t find one.


Cheating won’t give you skills.
It would only provide you with temporary satisfaction of gaining some good rating (“reaching 5 star” and stuff like that). But what will that bring you? Money? Fame? …or a job?. Well, being 5 star has become so common that none of these above things matter now. So, instead of just securing some rank, try to think only about solving the problems.

Also, I appreciate you for your strong-heartedness for writing this comment. There are very few people who can pluck up the courage of writing this in public.

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Who names variables as “hanuman”?

                unordered_map<ll,bool> hanuman;
                for(ll kjm : rooms[i])
                    flag[kjm] = 1;
                ll ssi = rooms[i].size();


As the saying goes “Better late than never”, I’ve realised my mistake and won’t be repeating them.

There is honestly no reason that I shouldn’t be removed. That’s a very grim realization for me.

Thanks a lot for supporting and emphathising with me. It means a lot.

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well, if they wanna get the code passed using divine support :joy: :joy:.

I just found the structure to be different than the code given for reference. So, maybe the participant is a fair player.

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I am not spamming but have a look to this


After the first 3, I couldn’t even open the rest. This is a disgrace to programming.

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Well, the challenge was to find a NON-CHEATER among the late KINGATCK problem solvers. But you are obviously posting a list of cheaters for a different problem, which is exactly the opposite of what was requested. So your comment is a spam in this topic.

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Doesn’t seem to the be case, at least care to change the variable names.

Honestly I’ve never seen a more shameless person than you. I wonder what would you do with these fake ratings anyways. Pathetic!!

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Before calling me anything, look at the number of WAs that I got.
I have submitted the code before that random guy who got all his questions correct on the first attempt.
He has used useless declarations in 50 lines.

I have not cheated and i know that and I don’t need to prove it to anyone.

Ah shit, here we go again. Aren’t you the biggest liar on this planet. I mean kudos to you for still having the guts to defend yourself with these stupid arguments.

Sure kid, all the WA’s you got were in python and the moment you changed to C++ the tourist inside you got awakened and you AC’d the problem in one shot. I’m sure more than 90% of your C++ submissions are copied from somewhere as probably you don’t even know enough C++ to change variable names.

Have a look at these solutions, all these solutions are exactly same as yours, submitted before you and they don’t even have any redundant stuff as well.

I’ve honestly lost the count of number of times you’ve said this but nevertheless here we are yet again.

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Try better next time

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