Game Theory - Video Tutorial

Hey guys,

This is me Vikas Kumar Jha.

I have decided to make a video series on Game Theory, and have already discussed the structure in this video.
I will majorly focus on proofs of Nim Game, Sprague Grundy Theorem and how Grundy Numbers works and their questions.

I have uploaded 2 more videos on the same, both are related to simple games and I also discussed two problems from Hackerrank.
In the videos, I tried to create an understanding of winning and losing state of games in Games Theory.

I hope, it will help you to improve your understanding while facing Game theory questions.

And I have also shared one pdf on my telegram group, which have some questions related to concepts I discussed in both videos. I am sure after watching my videos, you will be able to solve those questions.

Click here for Game theory YouTube playlist.
Click here for Telegram group.

Next videos will be out soon.

Feedbacks & suggestions are greatly welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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Wouldn’t it be better in English?
Anyways it’s really good,keep going :slight_smile:


Thanks, dude.
I am not that much comfortable in English. In future, I will surely try to make videos in English also.

Post this on Cf as well