GATE or Competitive

Should I continue competitive programming or prepare for gate exam? As I am not very good in competitive programming but I love solving different problems. If I go for both gate as well as competitive than it will not be easy as I am beginner and I will not be able to learn new things.
So please guide me what will be better for me.
Is it possible to prepare for gate while doing competitive programming?
(I am from tier3 college.)

Go for GATE if companies don’t come to your campus. Offcampus product based are hard to crack.
P.S. This is just my opinion. Consult from others too

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Focus on only one thing at a time.

If you want to be competitive programmer then go for competitive programming it may take few months or few years to become a good competitive programmer based on your hard work.

If you are well interested in higher studies or you are planning to get into a PSU’s then start preparation now on wards. Gate examination is not that much easy, we need to put some efforts to get placed into PSU’s.
The decision is your’s , take it wisely. All the best

If u ask me i will suggest you to go for competitive programming , gate is just a 3hr exam who knows what will happen on the day of exam, but if u do cp there will be many oppurtunities coming around . i started around march2020 and cracked powerprogrammer role at infosys.


Yes opinions differ. But if we crack Gate, the opportunities are much much more.Cracking companies becomes somewhat easy oncampus.

Also congratulations for your offer. All the best😇

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Why don’t both??? Assuming you are 2nd year student do cp for one year or 1.5 yr, then you can go for gate preparation from 5th or 6th semesters.

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If you like competitive programming then go for it else always follow your interest then you do good in life.

thanks to all for your opinions and making me clear…