Geeksfor geeks hiring exam

geeksforgeeks is conducting a contest for 4 th year students .
it is a hiring contest .
if you still have not registered register now

(this is not an announcement and i am not related with geeksforgeeks in any manner.
i just want community to know abt this if they are unaware of this)


And also plz register only and only if u r final year student,… It’s request to all of u
Have u register @l_returns @samarthtandon

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I am not in final year. I am in 3rd year.

Thanks buddy! The post is for Technical Content Engineer.


Thank you :slight_smile:
//20 char

What is that post? I have zero idea about this

may be it is for wrinting new content(articles) about cp,gate subjects,technologies etc…
not sure though,!!

I am a Geeks For Geeks Intern in Technical writing.
The employees who look at these contents and make changes required or add some extra content before publishing these articles in the official website are Technical content Engineers.

Anshul bhaiya : Facebook
works at this post in Geeks For Geeks.


I also want internship at Geeks For Geeks in Technical Writing … Can you guide me? @nuttela
To all others, what will be the difficulty level of problems? Change this topic to “questions of gfg hiring contest” after 9 pm so we can discuss the problems after the contest is over.


How many articles u wrote on gfg?
And today competition consist 2 questions 1 is of 25 marks and other is 75 marks

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I have written 2 articles, one of them got published…

I have 22 articles …on gfg

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Very Good. But I don’t think there is any criteria for number of articles to get internship at gfg…

No there is nothing related to that…go to their website and apply for internship even u don’t need to give any xam.

There is. Publish 2 articles. Mail at
Bag the Internship :wink:


server seems slow af, did anyone manage to start the test?


Started, but can’t seem to load the questions page.

Error 404 on clicking coding questions

can anynone provide test link fast reply pls

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Invalid Contest Error page. How many ?

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