Geeting wrong answer help me

Hey guys,
Myself Himanshu i am new in codechef and i was trying to solve the first problem of june challange 2020 after lots of efforts i finally solved it it was giving correct outputs on all the provided test cases and on many more which i have tried i have followed the input manner or style too but when i submitted to code chef i got wrong answer now what can i do.

it means your program is giving wrong answer to sub cases other than sample ones . And as a reminder you can’t discuss about problems of on going contest it is against codechef guidelines.

Ohh sorry , but how to find that

you can’t find those test cases. Codechef uses those test cases to see if your code gives correct answer for all of the cases. You need to make a code that will give correct output in all test cases.

So how should I proceed

you should find test cases of your own and run in program to see output.

So i need to change my algorithms in order to pass hidden test cases. Or it may also occur due to program structure or syntax

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yes you need to chage your algorithm and approach towards problem.

Thanks, i ll try to do it

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good luck .I hope you will get correct answer soon.

Hmm and thanks