General doubt in ROOTMST

Can there be multiple same edges for ROOTMST?
Suppose N=2, M=4
Can the graph be-
1 2 1
1 2 1
1 2 1
1 2 1

@akshitm16 , please don’t close thread without reason, this thing is not clarified in the problem statement.I don’t think asking clarification is a violation as I am not asking hint nor explanation of question.
@ildar_adm please clarify this

Read the problem statement carefully before asking anything here.
It’s clearly written in the problem that the given graph never contains any mutliple edges.

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Yes, I have read it. I meant in the constraints of M, it is given 2N-3<=M<=200000 , then suppose N=2, i.e. there are only two nodes. How can then, M be upto 200000 when only 1---->2 can be possible without containing multiple edges?
Am I misunderstanding something? Just tell in Yes or No. Else it would be against rules

First of all, clarification requests should be made in the comments section of a problem.

In general if multiple constraints apply, then you take the tightest one. So for N=2, M can indeed be at most 1. But for$ N=100000$ the “no double edges” rule becomes weaker so then you take M\leq 200000


Thank you @spaanse , got it🙂

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Yeah, but they don’t reply. I asked something in comments but didn’t get a reply till now.
Also I think it is not wrong to discuss the constraints part or something which could not give any possible hints to problem. Someone who is new to competitive programming might not be able to understand some trivial things and we should help them.

I have sent the setters a reminder that they are responsible for replying to comments. For the problems I am responsible for I have been replying to questions if I could in such a way that it didn’t give anything away for the solution.

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