General query

What’s the reason for such easy problems in this month’s long challenge??

I think in May challenge question are harder as compared to other, @anon55659401 more explain on this. I think @l_returns will help.

Easy … then I’m so dumb to take 2 days to solve the 4,5th problem.
I think you need to see the accuracy of problems in this contest and another one

Bro as compared to other long challenge it is easy in other long challenge the submission rate of questions is gradually decreases but in this even the fifth question have almost 1500 submissions and now 4 days are also remaining so I think it’s easy as compared to the long challenge

Yeah exactly…this time 5th problem has also crossed 1000 submissions…that rarely happens

But it happens sometimes easy and some times hard

How many u did?? 5 or 6

Till now 6. challange problem always scare me

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There is no particular fixed difficulty level of long challenge
It may vary according to admin as well as setters.
And sometimes it’s even tough to measure or change difficulty as we want to.
May long was exceptionally tough.
June long is not.

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Yup agree MAY long was one of the toughest