Getting back to work in ketek[i], sharing what happened from beginning (edited)

Writing about experience in startups from competitive programmers perspective. I haven’t tested them, except for for loop and the product part, even these not very extensive. However, I will now. These might be wrong, but it would be mostly right.

“Knowing the algorithm is not enough, you need to practice the application of the algorithm” -
There are two things in business/startups. You need a product or service. And you also need to practice building it. You need to keep building it, till you are perfect it building it. If you use machines etc to replicate it then work on the machine that replicates it. The product should be perfect.

Next is about sales. “Know your customer”.

In sales you don’t sell randomly. At first you select a few customers around 100 of them and try to sell them. And see who are buying, you use their attributes and sell to those types of customers in actual sales or when you take help of sales people. Then your success rate is higher. To find out sales optimize you can use for loops, permutation, DP, bitmasking(to augment for loop).

for loop - You call your selected customers, and sell them one by one, find out who buys and then you can find out which types of attributed customers buys your service most.

permutation - you select an attribute lets say, cost of the product of your customer, and sort them ascending. Then sell, and find who is buying your service/product. And you know who buys.

bitmask - I don’t know if this is used, but if you don’t know attributes and you need to find them, then you sell to many customers, run a bitmask on it and find out the types of customers that are buying, and find the attributes they have. The % of success you can decide.

DP - you don’t sell to the same type customers you already sold, and mark yes/no according to previous knowledge.

Also remember, these algos of sales are to know who would buy. After you know your target audience, you then don’t use these but try convincing them with help of sales people.

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