Getting Compilation error for swift

When I run the code for testcase it works fine, however when I submit the solution I get compilation error.
Here is the code

var testCases = Int(readLine()!) ?? 0
while testCases > 0 {
    let numsArray = readLine()!._split(separator: " ").flatMap { Int($0) }
    if numsArray[0] > numsArray[1] {
    } else {
    // Decrement testCases
    testCases -= 1

The problem link is here

Having the same problem. It doesn’t look like too many people code in Swift on CodeChef from what I have seen so far. The error I get refers to importing SwiftShims but this doesn’t fix the submission problem.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into this soon.


Thanks for responding, do let us know here once you guys fixed it.

Should be fixed now.

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Working now, thank you so much!

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