Getting Frustrated. Please someone help

I have been doing Competitive programming since 2 years (mainly on other platforms) but still couldn’t go beyond 2 stars on codechef or other platforms.
Kindly suggest how I can improve myself because this has been bugging me hard after after the lunchtime


Thanks @ssjgz

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Mr @vijju123 Ms @everule1 Mr @ssjgz help please

I have also felt the same, as i had started a year ago but was stuck at 1 star. And i’d actually given up. But my friend kept me motivated, and now i’m better than before. It ain’t much, but better than before. The problem, maybe lies in your way of approaching or thinking about the problem. I can’t tell you exactly how you should solve problems, but don’t give up. Don’t frustrate over not being able to code. Don’t move onto next problem until you solve one while practicing ( you can skip in contests ). Get some help if you can’t solve it even after a certain amount of time ( for me it is 2-3 days ). And most importantly take breaks. Staring at screen and coding won’t help much. You need to think about the problem more. While having tea, breakfast, on the to college, you can think about the problem itself. And it really helps. And also, having friends to code with, makes it much more fun, and you can learn faster.

PS: Try solving the question for 1st subtask and then try solving for 2nd subtask ( i.e. original constraints ).

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Thanks @rawnit_kohli for your kind words

Nowadays a few channels on youtube help with Codechef questions. After the contest is over.


Thanks. Will definitely check them out

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I have the same issue and then I got the answer from this POST:

How To Go From 1(Star) Coder To 6(Start) Coder

Hope this might help you as well…