Getting NZEC in python- Please help!

Can SomeOne Help Me To Submit My Python Code in CodeChef Compliler it give nzec error, idk why!!! solution)

Thanks In Advance:)

In the question, the amount to be withdrawn and balance are in the same line but separated by space.
So instead of this:

withdraw = float(input())
balance = float(input())


withdraw, balance = map(float, input().split())

This shall resolve the NZEC error. Unlike in C/C++, in Python input() will take all the input in the current line and move to the next line, so the next time you write input() it will be taking input in the next line.

Hey, copy the logic and paste it in the practice->code,compile and run section in the “write the code section”.
execute it .
Note : Dont change the body of code which is already written.
Thank You.