Getting nzec while while taking any input() or int(inpu()) in python 3



//20 char limit

Provide more details about this if you really need help.

Could be anything with the information you provided.
If you’re running it on codechef ide, it could be that you’re not giving any input OR you could be running python2 instead of python3.6.

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In this case directly submit your solution if the solution is correct it will accept it else show wrong answer. When we run the code in CodeChef ide it shows NZEC. I had the same problem earlier but once i directly submitted the code , and it got submitted successfully but when i run it after it showed NZEC.

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True, I had the same problem, then I just ran the code on my editor and submitted the file directly, it worked---- or try copying others code to see if they have the same error too

but i can totally relate to the ide frustration of codechef, its worthless

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