Getting partial accepted in BEAUTIFUL PAIRS (JULY LUNCHTIME)

I am getting partially accepted.
My approach:-
First I calculated all the pairs possible for n numbers which are n*(n-1).
Then numbers with frequency greater than 1 , I subtracted all the pairs which can be formed out of those number…
EG- 1,1,2,3,4
So my ans according to that would be (5x4)-(2x1)=18;
(2*1) denotes the pairs formed between 1,1.
This is basically done because we take 1,1 as a pair then (1-1)/1=(1-1)/1 which would not satisfy the condition.
I would be repeated this for all numbers whose frequency is greater than 1.
Am I missing any testcase.
My code:-CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
Thanks for helping in advance.

int n ;

Change this to long long and you will get correct answer.
Alternatively, you can also typecast:

ll ans=(2*(((ll)n*((ll)n-1))/2));
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Just make int n-> ll n
As when you define main variable as int, it gets typecasted into int while storing ans, no matter what’s size of variable in which you are storing it…

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Ohh , I made a very silly mistake.Thanks for pointing out.

YES, thank you.