Getting SIGSEGV error

here’s my code: my solutions are executing in devc++.but i always get a runtime sIGSEGV error when i try to submit in codechef.As i am beginner,i dont know why, can u explain me?

You have declared array a as-

long long int a[10],n,c,b[10],T,r,s,i,j,k;

And then you are using-


n can vary from 1 to 10,000 . Since you are going out of bounds (Max size is 10, so max allowed index is 9- while you’re going upto 10,000-1), you are getting the error. Going out of index in an array is the primary reason for this error.

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This is not an answer, more like an alternative. Try using vectors. You can dynamically allocate memory using vectors.
I generally prefer using vectors than normal arrays.

i have declared the array with maximum limit. it saying it is wrong .but i am getting output in dev c

Try a separate check of 'If size of array is 1, the array is beautiful"