Getting started here, questions about strategy, etiquitte, etc.


hi guys, just beginning of coding,let see what changes/improving going on…

hi guys, just beginning of coding,let see what changes/improving going on.

I know most programming syntaxes in java/c++. But this time I want to appear for ZCO-2017 and want a geared up and well guided preparation.

Hello everyone just tried code chef first time .hope it will work

hi i am first time using codechef
i THINK it will help me to be a good programmer

Hey guys, I am new to this site. I will not say I am a professional coder…but from my 5th grade, when computers introduced me to the world of code with the help of LOGO, i am big fan of it… As days passed by, I learned BASIC, QBASIC, C, C++, HTML, BlueJ while in school…and guess what…the highest scores among all the subjects was Computer Science each and every exam. After passing out from School…I joined the University and currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. College life introduced me to the languages like…CSS,CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript, JDBC, Jsp, PHP, MySql, PL/SQL, MATLAB, Core Java, etc. On my own, I picked up skills from here and there on languages like Python, XML, R, etc. I joined this site…so that it helps me in enhancing my coding skills and let me able to master some of these skills, etc. Here I go… Let the coding begin.

Hi, I am new to competitive Programming.
I am Pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and presently in 4th year.
I want to enhance my data Structure and algorithms and want to enhance my skills in competitive programming.
Please Guide me. I don’t know how to start.

Thanks in Anticipation

I am new here…Can anyone please tell me how to start here because all i am seeing now is a list of discussed Q&A…
How can i get to programming problems here…???
Thank you!!!

how to implement test cases in programs(c language)
plz help me I m new in programming i need lots of help.
thank you in advance!

On Call to Action - developing engagement lifecycle activities. and I would emphasise more working with key influencers in a strategy.

Hi,i am don’t know any things of programming. So tell very basically to high.

HI,i’m a degree first year(bsc computer science) student,i’m interested in coding,pls help me to become a good

Hello i’m new here but i am good at java programming how can i contest?

Hi I am new to this website and i would like to discuss on the php issue related problem.

I too am new here! Hope so that i set forth on this journey of becoming a nice programmer in the best possible way and learn a lot!!! I am a B. Tech 1st year student. Hope that i become codghost one day!! :slight_smile:

Hi I m new to this place. I m studying IT. One of my senior told me to create an register in codechef and I m so happy to join here. Can someone tell me how can I practice I mean from where to start?

hi there, im new to coding. im physics graduate and wanna be a professional programmer.

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i want to be placed in a good company