Getting started here, questions about strategy, etiquitte, etc

Hi guys.

I’ve just started here, I have a few questions about how I approach this place.
Firstly, let me just say that wow - some of the problems here are pretty difficult, even for easy!

Alright, so I’ve just bunch of the questions in the FAQ, here’s a few more.

  1. What’s the etiquette for posting here? For example are ‘I’m working XYZ practice problem, I’ve got TLE error, here’s my code, what should I do?’ questions ok?

  2. What’s the general strategy for solving problem, or doing time optimization? Are there any tools that you use?
    Like, one of the things I can see that would be problematic, is when you get a ‘wrong answer’ but you don’t know what the ‘expected vs output’ is. Is this just something you need to deal with as a programmer, to think of the corner cases yourself?

  3. Is there any way to get additional test data?

  4. How do you organise your code chef files in your IDE? For example, your class name (in Java) must called Main, and it can’t be part of any package, when you paste in to the submitter, otherwise it’ll give you an error, wondering how people deal with that.

  5. code reusablity - I get the feeling that a lot of this is going to be using various appropriate algorithms. What I would tend to do is import the package that contains the algorithm. But given that the submission has to be a single file with no non-native imports, is the only thing you can do, is copy the code in for each algorithm?

  6. Where would you start in terms of first problems to solve? For example I would suggest doing the Enormous Input test as one of your first problems.



I can’t answer your java related queries but for rest other things you should definitely check out


There’s no way to get additional test data unless admins provide it.But that has never happened.

For your 6th question read this very nice answer by betlista here

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Welcome to codechef!

  1. You have written your question very nicely :slight_smile: So I don’t think you would have any etiquette problem. Just try your best to solve before asking. And you can not ask for help about a live problem.

  2. It will take some time, and lots of practice for you to discover strategy. But you will enjoy it! And yes you have to think about corner cases yourself. This is challenging, but you will appreciate it later. It improves you as a programmer.

  3. No. You can create your own test cases though.

  4. I code in C++. And I don’t use IDE, so I can’t answer this.

  5. Submissions are single file only, so you have no option but to copy-paste. You can look at EgorK’s code to see how to write Java code.

  6. Start solving easy practice problems. As many as you like. And then move onto medium and harder ones. And start competing in monthly challenges as soon as you can.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


I am very new to here
and I am very exited about this domain #codechef
Thanx for the team


assinging value to i
bitwise and

for those who code in JAVA,

i cant say anything about algo and DS because you have to do it by self but for format:-

if your class if public then class name must be “Main”. otherwise you can name your class whatever you want. But if your class if public and class name is not Main then you will get compile time error :frowning: .
and for input output if you are using BufferedReader class then be careful about “space” and “newline” because BufferedReader ignore space but terminate at “newline” it is better to use Standard input output class at any competitive site because it is customized according to input format. You can take it from any where or from my submissions its good it terminate at space,newline,etc. welcome to JAVA world :)


I am new to this site. I am in school now(in grade 9 (Germany)).Can i participate?
And IF I would win how would i get the prizes?
Thanks for all replies. And how could you enter a Team ?


i want to become a good programmar i wish codechef helps me in taking me to higher level


Hi I m new to this place. I m studying IT. One of my senior told me to create an register in codechef and I m so happy to join here. Can someone tell me how can I practice I mean from where to start?


Hi, I had C++ as my basic programming course during my first year of under graduation. I want to brush up my basics of C++ and want to get started in programming.Please sugges MOOCs or any online material that will be helpful to me.


I am a student right now but i love to code.I can easily do my class 9th programs.I love coding,so i have joined codechef.Please help me code even better,so that i can become a good coder.


void main()
int i;


Hi, I had C as my basic programming course during my first year of under graduation. I want to brush up my basics of C and want to get started in programming.Please sugges MOOCs or any online material that will be helpful to me.


hey there,
I want to make my career in software,but I am just not understanding where to start from…
I have basic knowledge about c,but thats not enough.How can I train myself to be ready for competitions.please help.

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just i will improve my programming skill…

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I am a student right now and i love to code.


i’m just a student and now i’m interested in programming.i hope that codechef will help me to become a good programmer

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hello,i want to make my carrer in software industry.i have basic knowledge in C but i want to became a good programmer,so please help.

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Hello Everyone, Just started with Codechef lets see how it turns out out be, lets brake the ice.