Go Programming Language - TLE


A few days ago we received a request to increase the time limit for GO programming language.

After doing some tests we realised this:
Using Fast IO with Go will have to be a prerequisite to almost any submissions that you make in it. We compared speeds between C++ and Go and, at times, Go was upto 35 times slower than C++ at purely input, output tasks. The reason for this is that the ‘fmt’ library does not implement buffering. This difference in speeds is unfeasible to manage through time limit increase. However, when we tested Go with Fast IO, the difference between Go and C++ became infinitesimal. So please use Fast IO.

You can take a look at the Fast IO template given here
It should be fairly self explanatory.

If you have any ideas regarding this, especially if you’re a Go user, feel free to write them below in the comment section.