Goldman Exam

i applied for internship and figures were missing

From where do you get to know about these exams?

I got only 90 minutes to solve and the paper was difficult. How you guys got 130 minutes??

papers were different. I got 90 minutes to solve 66 questions.

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was it for summer analyst internship?
bcoz sadly i didnt even receive mail for testing platform also :frowning:

I think it might be 1:30 hr not 130 mins (not sure though)

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Yes for summer analyst internship… you could have emailed them… Actually there was a lot of confusion I guess… they had scheduled some meeting as well at 11 am on same day but they didn’t send the link for it

damn so i missed another internship opportunity cri cri

They are aware of incomplete questions.

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questions were incomplete for both 11 am and 2 pm test or only for 2 pm test?

I gave the 2 pm test and the questions looked incomplete to me. Don’t have information about the 11 am one .

Goldman Sachs is aware of the incomplete data questions.

To see - Click Here

In the above link, look at the “Test Preparation Checklist” section and see the last point under this section.

Following is written over there:

“We received queries from candidates on section not having complete data, GS team is aware of this and would consider these scenarios and will get back to you.”

Youtube and whatsapp groups.

Youtube videos notifying about this event
1.Click Here
2.Click Here

Whatsapp group notifying about internships - Click Here

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