Goldman Sachs 13th Feb Test

Has anyone received assessment link for tomorrow’s Goldman Sachs test? Last year I had received all notices and links in prior but not this year. Or has the test been rescheduled for any other date?

not received it yet, as well

Is it showing 20feb to you also?, @paliya_64

nopes, its not showing for 20 feb too, its just showing registration for [Engineering Campus Hiring Program 2020-21] complete, and no date has been assigned as of now.

Its on 20th Feb. Its clearly written Event Date- 20-Feb-2021. Maybe they are postponing it as tomorrow there is Gate Cse

yes it’s on the website , few of my friends got the mail regarding the same but I haven’t received it.
Did u guys got the mail?

Hey guys so does anybody have any idea as to whether the 20th Feb assessment will be an aptitude round or coding + aptitude round ?

Hello Everyone I didn’t understand one thing. I received a mail telling that online event will start from 11 AM but I only received a test link that says test will start at 2 PM.

So is there going to be some event from 11 AM to 2 PM. But I didn’t received any such link.

@ashish_kaur any idea regarding this, please let me know?

According to my test mail, the test window was between 10:30 -11:00 and lasted 90 mins.

How many did u guys attempt btw?

Test begins from 2 pm. From 11 am there was some events of GS(not much important), so dont worry if you didnt attend.

But i received link for only test not for any event…

how were the ques brother

did you attended what happened in the event

anyone given the test at 2 pm?

Did anyone feel that the q in the Puzzle/LR section did not load completely?


Yes i also felt that

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how many have you attempt?

Yeah the puzzle section Didn’t load properly for me even.
Anyway I attempted 51q in total including the puzzle ones out of which in 40 I am confident.
What is the expected cutoff here. Any ideas?

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I attempted 41. Not really accustomed to solving those reasoning types.I reckon it would have been better if the test had more quant/comprehension questions