Goldman Sachs 13th Feb Test

If they were to scrape the puzzle section it might come down to 140-150 i guess

Has anyone received any mail regarding the test results?

I received rejection mail

Received a mail saying technical assessment will be on 20th March

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i have received nothing yet


Me neither

Can you share the screenshot?

Same here. Next technical assessment on 20th march :grinning:

Hey bro how many did you solve?

Still havent received a mail from them. Does it mean not selected?

Hi. I am from 2021 batch. I have still not received aptitude test 2021 selection/rejection email for full time analyst role. Does this imply rejection or still there may be chances of selection ?

Same here. I think they aren’t sending mails to students of those campuses where they’ve already visited through placement cells

I don’t think, so that is the case. They have not visited my campus and yet no mail is delivered to me regarding the results.

I haven’t received the Selection/Rejection mail yet. To the students who received mail, their test is on 20th March. Today is 15th March already. What does this mean? Will they conduct exams again for students? I don’t think so. I guess we will never know we passed or failed and that is pathetic.

The only thing we can do is mail at and hope they reply ASAP.

You can send this content by mail if you want.

Hello team,

I haven’t received the result of Engineering-Campus-Hiring-Program-2021 which I attempted on the morning of 20th February, the results of which have been announced for my friends who gave the same test. The students who received selection mail have their test scheduled for 20th March. Today is 15th March already.

Please I request you to look into it ASAP.

I am writing this mail in case there has been some technical glitch.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Among those who are yet to receive an accept or a reject email from GS, has anyone emailed them and got a response from them ?

I emailed and no response. And Goldman Sachs has arranged a Virtual Engineering Campus Hiring Program - Connect on 16th March for selected students. It’s really not correct to ghost applicants like this.

arranged a what? and who told you this?



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no mail received yet from goldman sachs