Goldman Sachs aptitude test result,16th january

Anyone received the result yet??


Have you received any mail yet ?
i havent

Nope, not yet!

Any idea that when will we be getting mails from GS?

I got a mail today, saying that “Application received and We are looking forward to review your application” what should I understand from this mail??
Selection Mail Or Rejection Mail?

Normally they send the results 1 month after the test and they give 1 month time after results for technical round, but this time the schedule says that the technical round is on 20th feb!!!

Not yet

Has anyone got the mail now?

Not Yet

Same here.

I haven’t received anything from them yet

Some of my friends received acceptance mails today

I received a selection mail today

Same here a friend of mine received acceptance mail today.

Am I the only one who didn’t receive any mail yet?

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how many questions did you attempted

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no you are not

Do they send the a mail even if you are not selected just to be sure that you know the result

Anyone from 2023 batch received a mail?