Good coders to watch out for :

Hey , i was just pondering upon my approach to solving problems

Here is my process:(basic steps)
1.Understand the problem
2.Try different methods to solve the problem
3.Check for a efficient solution to the problem
4.Submit the solution
5.Check for other coders solution and there logic

So , i generally try to solve the problems and then post the solution , and then most of the time its a successful submission
Then i try to look out for other successful submissions , some of them are codes which are not indented properly , but sometimes i come across some lucid code , this helps me in understanding where i could have improved my code and to my amazement some of the solutions are the ones i tried out in the step (2) of my process and i gave up on them just because i couldn’t get to the finishing point and were harder to implement without having a firm knowledge
of that concept .

I have been recently trying to figure out the SET feature :
SET feature screenshot in discussion :

blog by codechef:
So , i would like to ask for suggestion from the community to help me out with referencing some coders who write lucid code (with comments /important annotations) , i think this will help new members like me to grow faster and help improve on solving a problem.
I think this will add a good boost on my step (5)

Since i generally do competitive coding for 1-2 hr a day (3-4 hrs on weekend)i wanted some suggestion with this,Any suggestion or correction will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


I practice problems for 6-7 hrs everyday. Your journey from 2start to 5start will not take much time but after that you might hit a plateau . Also some people might say that you must keep trying a problem if you cannot solve it. Some people keep attempting it for many weeks until they get it right. It is good but as per my opinion you can look up for the solution if you cannot do it in 2hrs.
For practice I would recommend you to do it on codeforces. Sort the problems from 1300-1800 and try complete all in one year time. You can easily achieve it if you try to do 4-5 problems everyday.


thankx for the suggestion :slight_smile:

You can follow Rajat De of Chennai Mathematical Institute with the codechef Handle: rajat1603 .

His codes are clean and thus, can help in understanding the concept required to solve the problem.


Well, you can have a look at my solutions if you can understand JAVA :smile:


Any language helps :slight_smile: , as long as i get to understand the logical approach

Refer solution of 7 star coders, in general their code is very simple and detailed :slight_smile:

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