Good night

Dekho bhai log hona kuch nahi hai, mast blanket uthao aur so jao, cc doesn’t gives a F, they just want to sell their plus courses on unacademy, I solved 4/6 for the first time in a rated contest and contest became unrated, are bhai cook off me kya dikkat aa rahi thi tab server sahi chal rahe th? -66 hua mera cook off me abhi socha tha recover kar dunga par nahi ye bhi unrated last time december lunchtime me bhi 2 solve kia tha vo bhi unrated,jab server nahi theek kar paa rahe ho to contests mat karao na, 3hrs waste karo and baad me contest unrated, ham to velle baithe hai na idhar. I might get suspended or banned from posting or my account might get deleted by i don’t give a F because codechef your servers sucks.
Thanks for reading and good night. Phir milenge chalte chalte :wave:


Can you please write in english ?


In simple words, he is disappointed after Lunchtime since he gave full time to it and then the contest became unrated.


Saying that you wasted 3 hours is not right


Oh I see, thanks

Sure, I meant that it’s already 1:50am in India and pretty chilly so I said that nothing’s gonna happen and we should get inside our blankets and sleep. CC doesn’t gives a F about us they only and only want to sell their unacademy plus course. I solved 4/6 in jan LT and contest became unrated, few months back I solved 2 problems in Lt and contest became unrated, and If cc is not able to fix their servers why in the hell they are conducting rated contests and we are wasting our 3hrs just to see unrated contest like we have nothing to do else. I might get suspended or banned for harsh language they might delete my account but I don’t give a F too cuz cc’s servers suck. Last line meant if I don’t get any suspension will see you again here in forum. :wave:


Sometimes it feels like you’re wasting your time when you’re performing well and contest gets unrated and when youre performing worst they make the contest rated


Still you are learning…
I thought u slept :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t pre-assume everything my friend.


i solved 4 in December lunch time but it was made unrated , I was demotivated so much that i started doing CodeForces , there i can’t solve more than 2 or even sometimes only 1 when luck is bad but theres hardly any big glitch in server , any fault that happens in CF feels like my own fault and i have to improve myself ,so i really don’t bother much about CC rating ,
the only thing i know i have to reach atleast 1800 in CF to be confident ,
believe me if you are able to solve C to D problems in 2 hour in CF then you are good to go for 80-90% company interviews

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Now I can relate to you Munna bhaiya Dialogue in Mirzapur,“Bura lagta h jb tum yogya ho pr koi (Codechef) tumhari yogyta nhi phchane” :sweat_smile:

English translation: “feel very sad, when you are a Deserving person, but no one(Codechef) recognizes your ability” :sweat_smile:


Bhai contests are for enjoyment and learning chahe rated ho ya unrated, tumne jo effort lagaya aur jo sikha wo waste ni jata. And rating means nothing, it’s just internet points. Many red coders on codeforces participate in Div2/3 contests even if it’s unrated for them iska matlab kya vo apna time waste kar rhe hai?
I agree that codechef’s servers are shit but the Problems are not. Participate in contests for learning and self evaluation, not just for ratings.


Using alt accounts for contest is prohibited by codechef

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That’s why I use only this account only for discussion not give contest

Dude you participated in the last january challenge and you’re saying that you don’t give contests from this account, looks like you forgot that your profile is visible to others. Truth is that you use this account for long challenges and farm ratings and you give short contest from your second profile which is not allowed. tagging the moderator @akshitm16

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I did not know about this rule , so my friend told me about after long contest that you can not have two ID so I decided to this ID only for discussion
apologize for this, and now i am deactivating my second ID

Share the link of your second ID so as yo support this argument.

thanks dude, will focus more on CF

loved this comment :heart_eyes: