Good platform for beginners

I think Codechef is a great platform for beginners.

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Yes, in my profile too, same problem. and this problem probably is only for those who gave june lunchtime.

Same case with me as well. Is this a bug ?

I think they might be adjusting ratings after MOSS checking or something like that.
I did not give LunchTime and still I am getting the same error.

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Although for me it’s only showing a mere difference of two points.

I’m facing the same problem as well

i’m also facing this

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into it.

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now rating is same in graph, as well as on profile page, so is this the final rating, if yes, then why was rating changed twice?

Can you explain the reason behind this rating change (decrement in my case)?

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can you justify the reason for sudden drop in our ratings.

I am pretty sure my rating did increase in JUNE LTIME but now it shows -12

It’s fine now. My rank became 499 from 535 (the rating didn’t change though XD).