Good Resource for Combinatorics?

I am looking to improve my skills in combinatorics, can someone suggest me some good materials or resources or maybe books, that may help me get a good grasp on this topic from the competitive programming perspective?

Help is appreciated !


i know that you asked for resource but you can practice a problem based on Combinatorics



Lol i asked for resources because i was unable to solve this particular problem you asked !:joy:



Oh Shit :joy: :joy:!!!

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Thoda khud bhi padh le bhai dusro ko pravachan dene se pehle.

Bohot jagah dekh rha hu ki tu topcoders ko advice de rha hai, khud ye sab topics padha hai ki bhi nhi yaa sirf google search copy-paste kar rha hai.

Stop shit-posting on discuss. I have seen you writing at multiple places on discuss again and again without your statements having any kind of logic. And keep that kind of abuse to yourself only.(What else can be expected of you).
You keep shit-posting without any kind of reason/contribution to discuss topics. This needs to stop , it is really toxic.

Giving advices to topcoders, when oneself is unable to solve first-two questions of div-2 is really funny :stuck_out_tongue:


We all know who is the idiot. :slight_smile:

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@ifrunruhin thanks for the help mate! And no hard feelings but you should also personally try to level up in your coding game . Many people might not take you seriously at the current scenario.

Ratism is real ! :frowning:


“Giving advices to high-rated coders when oneself is not able to solve first two questions of Div-2, so funny, so amazing” :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, now please stop both of you. You are going way off topic. And please for god’s sake don’t use abusive language. Discuss is not a forum in which we can talk in vernacular or abuse each other. The official language is English, and refrain from using other languages. Even @vijju123 has said this a couple of times.


@ifrunruhin I never posted that you can’t help a 5 star coder, I posted that you should refrain from using abusive languages and vernacular. That also holds meaning for @kaaaaran12. Please get my meaning correctly. And its his fault that he started it, but it is yours too when you continued it.

@ifrunruhin, I never meant that, but its your choice to delete it or not. You are smart and have the capabilities of becoming a good coder. Btw, if you think you are bad, see my CC Profile.I used to fluctuate between 1star and 2 star. Anyways lets close the topic, as it has become off topic.


Give me more example. I did feel angry after seeing that post and yes then I post it but I also realize that it is not good, so i delete it soon and you posted my deleted history.

@bangla_12344 please can you give me another example of my deleted history.
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No kind of harassment will be tolerated. Not even if they are through fake accounts that you create.

And if you do realize that ‘ratism’ is real, then actively fight against it. Not further it on, just because it is the current norm.


Apart from the codeforces link, is there any resource?

Nptel lectures should be fine

spoj questions are good

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