Good Sites for Hosting Private Contests

Hello ,

I would like to be able to host contests on behalf of the new Competitive Programming Club of our college.

I have tried Hackerrank and was quite impressed by how easy it was to host a contest there.
However, there were some features missing on Hackerrank.
1- Creating Interactive Problems
2- Rejudging all submissions after fixing some test case.
3- The scoreboard is too static. Even after a problem was removed from the contest because it had some errors , the people who had got an AC verdict still retained the points.

Is there any other site for hosting contests like this ?
Hosting private contests on Codechef seems to be too complex.

Please respond if you know how your college hosts private practice contests.

Though I have never tried, you may use Vjudge.

Codeforces ?

Codeforces won’t allow to host private group contest untill rating of hoster is 2100. :sob:

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I will check it out for sure. :grinning:

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