Google Code Jam 2015, Round 1

Hello everyone, this is my first time at Google Code Jam, and I would be grateful if someone tells me how many points will be required to clear round 1, and also some general tips and/or advise.

Number of points depends on how good other contestants will perform :slight_smile: You need to get into top1000 to qualify for next round.

General tips&advices? Well, Round 1 usually is easy one, just do your best, nothing special :slight_smile: If you will fail Round 1A - you still have 2 more attempts. I guess rounds 1B and 1C are going to be easier (because of contestants qualified in previous rounds).


Thank you lebron :slight_smile: , from your experience, is it possible to give a number or score for the top 1000?

Once again, it strongly depends on performance of other contestants :slight_smile: It’s like asking “what score is needed for top100 of CodeChef long contest?”. Some months it is easy one, and something like 900+ is needed, some other months tasks are much harder and sometimes it happens that problems are much harder, and so high score gives you top10, not only top100) You may check standings of previous contests to see numbers from previous years.

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Ok, thanks a lot for the info, appreciate it :slight_smile: