Google Code Jam 2020 Qualification Round Result

I don’t know if this is the right place to post those but I couldn’t find any better place where I will find so many relevent people.

As we all know Google Code Jam 2020 Qualification Round Ended. This is my first ever Google Code Jam and I don’t have much information about that also. Currently Its showing 42points but I am confussed that its the finalised scoreboard or not.

I have attached screenshoot of Code Jam Website and it seems like they haven’t finalise the scoreboard but on the other hand I have seen so many posts on all social media platform people are saying that they are through to the next round.

Can Anyone please clearify this?

Thank You

Getting atleast 30 points mean you will be qualified for round 1A regardless of the penalty(if any) time you incurred. So by my, understanding you’ve easily cleared the qual round

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They are probably doing a plagiarism check. That is seeing if people have used others’ codes, ideas.


OK So whatever score is showing that is the finalise score. I was worried because I heared that in codejam after round is over their are some hidden test cases due to which your score might go down.

Thanks a ton for clarifying the things.

This might help you and for qualification round there is no plagiarism check.


Thank You