Google CodeJam 2020 (Tourist)

I am curious to know whether Gennady(tourist) participated in the Google Codejam 2020 ?.
Bcz I was unable to find him on the ranklist of top 50 candidates of the online qualification round.

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I’m also having the same question…
Codejam without the legendary champion, how is it possible !!!

he is directly invited in finals

Winner of previous year is directly invited to finals.

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Ooo… I see…
Actually we we’re not aware of this rule…
Thanks bro :grinning::grinning::grinning:

They should not invite the winners to final instead they should ban them(specially tourist) so that others also get a chance :joy:



One can call himself/herself a champion only by winning over the defending champion as well as fellow participants !!!

No point of mercy here…:rofl::smiley::rofl::smiley::rofl:


he participated in it . He is champion , he got 208 rank and 100 score,rank doesnot matter in qualification round . you will see real tourist on 2.5 hrs rounds.

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Check on 208 rank. :wink:


Yes u r right,
found the tourist in lockdown :joy: :joy:


lol :rofl: :rofl:

With a Gold Medal and $15000 check in hand :heart:


yep . I do agree .

Cool :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

@ammitkumar ,
Bro the one whose name in the rank list are listed with red color .
Are they disqualified? Will they be allowed to sit for Round 1A?
Please tell If you have any idea regarding this.


lol they are not disqualified :rofl: :rofl:

I think you are saying red colour means ,like Gennady.Korotkevich marked in above screenshot,if so then don’t worry this is not any disqualification mark this appears when you search for a particular username that’s it.
And regarding qualification for round 1 it is boldaly written on top of contest page(google codejam qualification round),if scored at least 30 marks and must followed the violation rule during contest like copying code and sharing information during contest then you are qualified for round 1.

I’m curious ,why do other top coders like um_nik and MiFaFaOvO don’t participate?