Google CodeJam and April CookOff clash

Why is no one talking about it? Can CodeChef reschedule their CookOff? They won’t get much participation and though people want to give both but CodeJam >> CookOff just because of the prestige Google CodeJam carries.
So its a humble request for the @admin to please look into it.


ya certainly
look into this matter, please.

I’d be avoiding rated short contests on codechef during this quarantine time.
Codejam or not , I don’t think many were going to participate in cookoff this time considering what happened last time during lunchtime.


Will the servers be able to hold load of huge participation this time? @admin @vijju123

If many aren’t participating(according to your last statement) then that solves your first problem. XD

Anyway it’s always nice to have no clashing events. That to such big ones. Codechef has a very strict policy of keeping Cook Off on the 2nd last Sunday. It is senseless tbf


They have shifted the cook-off

What a relief. Had been thinking all this while that i missed it.

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