Google Hash code 2020 (Discussion)

Hello guys , so how’s your hash code and how many points u got …i got 19,745,449

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whats your basic idea?

Sorting using vectors.

Considered all params, and combinations according to test data.


I got 13,71,322 points but in scoreboard its showing only 21.Why?

got around 25,836,494 points .
Expected a little more .
Got very less in D and F sub tasks


I got 23,250,514 with sorting with t[i] in ascending order and n[i]/m[i] in descending order for picking a library.
How exactly did you use sorting?

What is the approach and how much exactly you got in every subtask?

For F, we maintained a Set to count unique book score from each library and add that to the set.

The score jumped from 2L to 5 for F.

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We managed to score 23,306,061

Looks like i sucked here as well :sob::rofl:

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Got 25.25M, sorting was the basic idea.

Here is our score! Link to our solution :

can you share your code for F?

Will share soon. Repos are still in private.

Got this with Greedy Algorithm
Similar to Knapsack

I hope it’s fine to share code, right?

I participated in hash code for the first time and the problem i encountered was that none of the online IDEs were able to handle the large data sets and give an ouput which i could further use as an output file for hash code.

So where should run my code to get an output??


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Offline. on your local machine. Install linux subsystem or get familiar with powershell and install gcc on windows and use ‘<’ to give input to the executable