Google Hashcode 2020

How to submit a solution in Hashcode. I register for Hashcode and trying the practice question!! But I am unable to submit the source code can any one please help me.

you need to download the input files and generate output files using your code and then upload the output files along with your source code file.
click here


I solve the Practice problem can i submit solution here…for others

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How did you upload the files? Did you zip them?

please mail them to me here

Thanks in advance

@bhaveshg you can join our team in google hash code. click the link below and join.

Thanks for asking bro, but I am already having one. Best of luck to you.

do you know anyone who want to join?

Hi ifrunruhin,

Do you still have a vacancy for a team mate?

I am good with logic of problem solving through programming, being a Mathematics major (BSc (Honors) in Mathematics (Computer Science Track)), currently studying Research Masters in Computer Science & Engineering (MPhil).

Earlier I have also participated in Kaggle’s challenges, but not in Google, this is my first time for Google’s challenges.

Please let me know about your team.



@ayush51379 I will so glad if I can take you. But I give my team link to CodeChef couple day ago. And someone 2 new member join my team Army Ant. But they didn’t communicate with me. I still don’t know them. But I am unable to delete them from my team, because there is no way of member deleting. Me and my friend Sajid is in our team. We will so glad if we can take you but we have nothing to do. Don’t worry. You can participate in another team. Best of luck!