Google Kickstart Round A 2020 Video Solutions ( Solution of workout added)

Hello guys,

Google kickstart round A 2020 is finally over. This contest was easier compared to last year round A and therefore, speed was an important factor in the final ranking. I am making detailed video solutions of this year’s kickstart rounds.

Here is the solutions of 1st and 2nd problem: Google kickstart Round A 2020 - 1st and 2nd problem

Edit :- I have posted the solution for problem C. I am sorry for the delay in making this video.

Problem C involved use of binary search. Therefore, I have made this video in such a way that even a beginner without the knowledge of binary search can easily understand this solution.

Here is the link to 3rd problem : Google Kickstart Round A 2020 Problem 3

Thank you and happy coding!


Thanks for the solution. But I was able to do this 2 in kickstart. I have problem with the Question “Workout”. Can you please make a video tutorial for it? It will be a great help. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah bro! I am working on it

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Posted the solution bro! You can check now

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Here is the solutions of 3rd problem: Google Kickstart 2020 Round A - Workout - Solution - YouTube

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def solve():
for i in range(len(A)):
return c
for j in range(1,T+1):
print(“Case #{}: {}”.format(j,solve()))

What’s wrong with this code…?
Here’s the implementation…