Google kickstart

can i participate in kickstart round F even i did’t give any previous round?
if Yes,what is the advantage of giving all rounds?is that affect overall rating?

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i don’t have any idea for kickstart if someone knows some good resource ,please share it.
thanks in advance.

hello Shivam, there’s no need of anything, just you have to register and that’s it, you don’t need anything in the sense if you are a beginner there’s no problem you’ll get an experience even if your answer is not getting submitted .there’s no effect on rating you’ll get a certificate(digital) if and only if one solution must pass all testcases set. advantage of giving kickstart is you get confidence and prepare for next round by judging the difficulty level of questions, and moreover you can include your kickstart rank in your cv/resume. Thank you! all the best! for kickstart round F. hope you have a good day :slight_smile:

thanks @chandra9396.

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