Google Online challenge coding Intern not able to login using the passoward and id provided by them

No use done 3 times and still the error is there

If anybody gets into the challenge successfully the message here please

Its still not working right?

I tried using all techniques no use.

They should allot a separate time slot now for people like us

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Just recieved a new reply , the contest has been extended till 6pm.

is anybody able to login?

still not working

Same here

They should give another slot instead wasting time like this. Almost 2 hrs wasted

Same issue trying for two hours but getting invitation error each time

Not working for me…


Did anyone opened the test ?

yes i am also facing this problem

is test opening now?

I am still facing issue

how you have opened it?

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Same here

Is it working now?
I’m still not able to log in.