Google Online Coding Challenge SWE Intern 16th August 2020

Yesterday, I gave my test after recieving an invitation from google about my resume being qualified upon my application. People who applied and haven’t heard yet might get a call for the next set of rounds. There were 2 questions 30 marks each. Out of 60 , I scored a total of 57, i,e. One subtask of the moderate problem did not clear. I did not have time to think upon a better approach for the second problem as my Dynamic Programming is weaker. If anyone out here has an experience or has any familiar knowledge and could tell me if it is a score enough to get a call for further rounds or after how many days shall I expect to hear back from them ?

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Well Second Problem could be done without dynamic programming also. Just a Hint You can find array rotation by concatenating array with itself and them maintain Pointers(check out GFG section on array rotation you will get it there).I did this and got ac :slight_smile:

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Great dude. Will you notify me when you get to hear back from them? so was your score 60/60?

Actually, i got stuck with first problem so my score was 50/60 :stuck_out_tongue:
But Yeah! lets hope for the best. :slight_smile:

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Yeah lets see… All the best! also if you or any of your friends get any updates do share here…

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Did you hear back from them?

guys, can you share the questions ?

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Can you tell how to get such invitation for online coding challenge from google, where to apply this and how to get notified for such events in future? I was seeing so many posts of people getting invite for coding challenge by google but was wondering how .


You scored 57 outbof 60 then you don’t need any better approach

which language did you use??

Stay updated on linkedin and apply when google posts for roles. If your resume qualifies they send you invites.

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Python 3

What was the position you applied for?

I suppose you got tle??

So, it is a reason of IO and you need to use faster language like cpp or java for that. I to got tle in java, but I changed the template code, they had provided me.

may i know the questions please…??

if possible with solutions

That is never an issue dude😅. not tle. my dp is weaker. Language is never a barring reason in any contest. the compilers are optimised according to language.


Actually language is an issue…or else 95% of the competitive programmers wouldn’t have used cpp for sure…I gave the same exam and got tle and had to optimise the provided IO template to run all test-cases.

Compilers are not optimised in all cases…like for spoj has java compiler much slower…it actually depends.

And if you feel language is not a barrier I recommend u to solve advanced tree or graph problems with huge amount of IO and you will understand the rest

if you know your language well… its never a barrier atleast in the petty questions of interview rounds. you just haven’t come accross many coders, else you wouldn’t be saying so🐵