Google Online Coding round result

Did anyone receive any mail regarding the online coding test that was held on 13th of august for software engineering internship at Google ?
This forum will be for discussing it because google has specified that they would not contact the participants who don’t qualify. So, through this blog post, everyone can come to know whether the result has been announced or not :slight_smile:


Anyone received any mail?

I’ve not received it yet.

You are a candidate master in CF right? What was your score bro?

I scored full.
I got extremely simple questions.
One was a stack problem and other was to implement dequeue.

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Google always need some standard in you so i think only those will get mail who had scored 50+/60 . This is just my view please dont take it seroiusly.

I got 60 and took 59 mins to solve both and did it in Java. Do I have a chance??

How much time you took??

I don’t know, but I don’t think taking 59mins will affect your chances of getting a call for interview.

I took 15mins to solve. And because I have a habit of rechecking too many times (to make sure I’m not hallucinating) I took extra 10 mins. :rofl:
So total of 25mins.


Actually they told they will be doing comprehensive evaluation…many questions were somewhat difficult…so they might choose cutoffs accordingly

I took time to solve the second question and wasted 48 mins to point a small bug after which I solved the first question within the left time…hope this won’t be a factor

They should. I got minimum subset with maximum OR question, I was able to get a total of 50+ score. Later I found that the question had to be solved using FFT which is definitely tough as compared to other problems. Hence, they should consider rankings seperately for all questions

Yeah, when I started the test and I saw the questions and I was like “WTF is this? This is not even Codeforces Div.3 level”.

Then after the test I contacted my friends and they had got that “hard XOR Problem” and one trie problem and one bitmask problem.
I realized I was extremely lucky. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that question was too hard. Whoever got that question should get free 30pts.

Do you have any idea in how many days will the result be declared??

In mine test, 1 question was on trie and another one was dp. One was little bit tough to crack to get 60 and (in mine case, i rquire time to implement such type of DS), then after i simply put brute force in first to get only 10 . After that i moved to second problem, It was more or less like painter parttion problem, where you need to break the strings into minimal number of substrings so that each and every substring is monotonic by characters (like each characters are either increasing or deacreasing). I dit it well but able to get only 15, i don’t know why code was failing on rest of test cases. I tried each and every sample cases and some random test cases also, they all getting output correctly. So, as the timer chase the 1 hours. I submitted how much i got. :upside_down_face:

No. I have the same question

I don’t know but I have heard of the fact that Google doesn’t give tough questions in interview. They just give tricky questions and see how people implement. Might be there was a different approach to get the problem right. Can you share the question for the trie problem??

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Did you apply for the India role or the US?