Got two ratings for my July Long Challenge

Initially I participated in Div 2 of July Challenge with a rating of 1710.During the Long Challenge there was a bug because of which the results of June LunchTime were deleted and I was promoted back to Div 1.I made submissions in Div 1.Later the bug was corrected and I participated in Div 2 for the rest of the Challenge.
Div 1: Rating change: -175
Div 2: Rating change: +136
Ended up with a rating of 1671 (-39).

What to do?Help!!


@admin look into this @rajarshi_basu
also this case looks same

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yeah, same issue ! @admin, please help.

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Ratings for div 2 have updated? Because i can see mine same as it is.

yes, they are updated, but they are updated Wrong ( for some people ).


you can see as in your profile page. your rating gets updated but i think graph still needs to be updated.


there is sume unexpected change in rating .
rating reflected but not showing in account


Mine case is same @admin please fix my rating.

An email has been sent to all the 27 users who were affected by this. Please check that.

For the other users - Rating calculation is being done, and will take some time to reflect and become consistent everywhere. Please wait.




I haven’t got any email @admin

same case with me

yeah, I also did not receive any e-mail, but that’s ok ! Its good to see that action is being taken ( And I am sure everything will be fine ) :blush:

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@admin My rating updated but graph remains same also my highest rating remains same. Kindly fix it , Thanks.

This issue has been fixed now. Please let us know if you find any further inconsistencies.

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I had same problem , I had 1753 rating and i had a score of 610 and rating increased by 20? is it correct? @admin

Yes, there is no issue with that. You can look at to know more about the various factors which go into this calculation - it won’t always be intuitive.