Graph problem. New challenge!

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pls correct the code.

I already solved brother , it’s your time now , I have some other works too , @cubefreak777 already replied you , and you have no manners man , at least now I m not replying you , thanks.

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Fails for this test-case

10 8
10 1 
2 1 
2 11 
4 1 
5 3 
6 7 
4 5 
11 5 

Okay thanks, I will look for these cases, brother !

bruh, I’m currently in my first year of my U.G. degree, so this was literally my first problem with graphs, in my self-learning journey. I got that code corrected to a large extent, and I know I’ve complicated it, but it now gives WA at 2.05 sec. Here’s the edited code: code1.txt - Google Drive
And, you’re the one, bro !

Now got it totally correct, cheers, bro!

And This Proves That U Don’t Respect Anyone, Mate :wink:

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Yes koolprogammer is right you are mannerless, illiterate, and the most disgusting guy on planet you don’t know how to talk with someone

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