Graph problem. New challenge!

problem link- FIRESC Problem - CodeChef
my code: code1.txt - Google Drive
Dunno why this gives “wrong soln”. Please help
(ssjgz keep away from my posts, please)

Don’t spam by creating multiple threads for the same doubt.



WTH, if someone helps u and u said like this if this is ur attitude u don’t get any help from anyone.

CC discuss is best for help, here u get help for even dumb doubt, so don’t do this, respect him.

My solution : (match with urs) : Solution: 34734038 | CodeChef

Also in ur solution p *= sp; should be p = (p%mod * sp%mod)%mod;

Seeing this I hope there was a downvote button and I could downvote infinite times


He Is a Nice Contributor, Don’t Write Like This, It Hurts Someone
Hope You Will Understand

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@everyone: i wrote that cpz he just keeps giving me off-topic replies. Please understand. And let’s flip back to the problem with my code, brothers !

Well, I got spam answers for the same doubt, earlier.

If you don’t know then flags are managed by moderators.

shoo !

It’s your inability to infer things, you better learn to respect anyone who’s trying to help.

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it’s amazing how people are more attracted to useless conflicts rather than taking up problems and challenges !

Let Him Reply What Is Your Going??

bruh thing is, other programmers don’t reply to ur posts if such a high-rated one does

nope, brother ! this doesn’t work. You can try making that modification in my code urself and check. @sebastian please be vigilant if a solution really works, before taking down any posts

lol , u just assume , only

can u risk solving the problem, brother?

totally silent when asked to solve a problem? nice.

Just find the number of connected components, it’s probably the most basic problem that one learns while starting off with graphs.

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A human is more respected than a question :smile:

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