Graphs Algorithms - CHEFDAG

Hi All ,
After watching @tmwilliamlin solution for CHEFDAG problem in March Long Challenge , I came to know that the given problem can be modelled down into standard problem of ( Minimum Path Cover on a DAG) after some preprocess . While reading a solution to the Minimum Path Cover on the DAG , I found that I don’t know a lot of terminologies and graph algorithms . I would require help from you people to provide me good reading source for the below topics + some problems
to practise . I have found some material on hacker-earth but needed your input as these algorithms are tough :slight_smile: , and would require source with clean and good explanation .

Thanks @tmwilliamlin for your explanation for CHEFDAG problem .

  1. Bipartite Graphs
  2. Max-Flow Algorithm
  3. Maximum bipartite matching
  4. Minimum Path cover problem

Feel free to extend the list . I think the material on internet for these topics with source code available is very less , hence require input from coders who have already learned these topics .