Group For C++/C/Java/Python Students

Update: 8/11/16
created a group on edmodo, join via this link:

Hello, friends I am a student. And a beginner in c++ programming. Friends i got an idea of creating a group for all C++/C/Java/Python students, the main idea is to solve and discuss problems of easy and moderate level, actually of CBSE and above standard, which will help us to compete in different competitions, scoring in academics and also to develop our skills in the language. The group will be either on Facebook or Edmodo. If interested you can add your Email in the answers. Thank You!


i am interested but edmodo plz

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Hey @namankumar, can you make group on whatsapp??

Don’t know about Edmodo but you may add me on fb… btw whats edmodo?


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cool !!! let me join too ? my email or you can give me your email.thanks

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Please add me, email ID is
Thanks. :slight_smile:
FB preferably.

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add me -

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add me to FB BY THIS NO 9458707115 AND SAME FOR WHAT’S APP.

send me the group code of edmodo email_id :

me too


Yes please!


its cool…add