Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Coders - Collection

Hello there, coders! I hope everyone is doing good.

When I started reading blogs and articles about different tips, tricks and issues faced by other coders on various sites, Codechef discuss being a prominent one, I found some of the posts really informative and I collected them at a place by saving their links.

A friend of mine, yesterday , suggested me to make those links public as he found them useful. The thing is that many a times we find some useful post and instead of saving it for future, we move on to the next one.

I have curated all of the posts which I found useful in the past few months and now I have made a GitHub repository containing them and I will maintain it and add new posts as I find.

This repo is basically a guide in markdown for beginners and intermediate level competitive programmers containing links on data structures and algorithms as well as different maths and ad-hoc problems.

You can find it here and star it to get notified for future changes.

Overview of my repository:

  • It contains the suggestions on time management and techniques one should adapt while starting cp.

  • Along with it there are various tools which are quite useful in competitive programming.

  • Various blogs and video tutorials which I found useful in understanding a concept.

  • There are ladders and topic-wise curated problems for beginners and intermediate level programmers.

Check out my repository.

However, there are a lot of problems and blogs still to be added in there, so I would ask your suggestions in what to add and if you feel like you have a link which should be added in there for benefit of all, please add it in comment.

Thanks, happy coding !


Thanks for sharing such great info :smile:


It’s my pleasure. And I’m happy you found it useful.